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  * We are located in the south shore of Montreal *

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Here at Bully Roch we breed our dogs with the best of our knowledge in the ultimate goal of offering you the best quality bully around. We bred the best to offer you the best bully with excellent health conditions. Puppy's will be fully guaranteed of a good health upon delivery, with all shots and dewormings necessary for his age.


*Obligatory section of the guarantee*


It is OBLIGATORY to take your new puppy within 72 hours following the acquisition, to a vet you like, to make the first health routine. Appointment, date and signature of the vet as to be written down on the health certificate, unless guarantee won't be apply.

*At the moment of acquisition of your new companion*

If the pup has been seen by a professional (veterinarian), puppy will be fully guaranteed by Bully Roch. If health problem have been diagnosis during the vet visit, problem must be brought to our attention right away. Vet bills are not refundable. If pup is found in poor health due to negligence from buyer, pup won't be replaced or refunded. Bully Roch reserves the right to revoke ownership of any puppy (dog) without compensation upon evidence of mistreatment or negligence affecting the health of the puppy (dog). If pups develops a life threatening or hereditary illness before he gets 12 months of age, Bully Roch has to be told right away. All terms of guarantee will be respected as long as the puppy sold, suffering from  hereditary disease, be returned to Bully Roch. Buyer will have to bring to Bully Roch all diagnosis and prognosis from two certified veterinarian, concerning pup's health documentation. All injuries from accidental causes will not be covered by the warranty. All shots and deworms following puppy's possession are buyer's responsibility.

* Health issues*
If pup develops health issues due to negligence from the buyer who have not giving pup's required shots and deworms for his age by a vet, pup would not be replaced.*( health record completed and signed by a vet has to be brought to Bully Roch for the guarantee application )* A meeting with our veterinary will be setting for evaluating the condition of the pup. Bully Roch won't cover any problems caused by an overweight. It is necessary to provide a healthy food to avoid any problems on the level of articulations. Every other puppies will be replaced by a pup of same value on next breeding. If pups available are of a greater value, Bully Roch takes the responsibility to deduct price of the first purchasing puppy of an other pup. In no way,a pup will be sold without charging the difference to the buyer. Under no circumstances will Bully Roch refund the purchase amount of a puppy. Under no circumstances will Bully Roch refund bills of medical health easily treatable. (Guarantee does not cover it).
*Guarantee apply only on the original buyer of the pup and will not be transferable in any ways*

All deposit are NON-refundable. In case of breech of contract, deposits are NOT refundable. No deposit refund on pups due to an undesired coat color. You will have to keep the pick you have choosen when deposit was made. If your pick of puppy is not produced or female is not pregnant, Bully Roch will put your deposit  on an other puppy of same value of  a different litter or different breeding. No guarantee on coat color or canine show quality.

*Shipping terms and conditions*

Bully Roch ship throughout Canada and USA. All puppies reserved for shipping has to be paid in totality by 6 weeks of age. Cost of shipping, crate and health certificate will be paid by buyer in totality before shipping the puppy in his new family. Bully Roch does not assume any liability for injuries or theft of animals during transport. If puppy is not claimed to date, charges will be apply.

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